M.A.C Cosmetics - Helmut Newton

M.A.C Cosmetics - Helmut Newton

Dinsdag 4 oktober 2016 — M∙A∙C Limited Edition celebrates the erotically charged and elegant work of legendary photographer, Helmut Newton. A regular contributor to Vogue and Vanity Fair, Newton is known for his precise, glamorous and empowering photography of women. This limited-edition color collection captures the photographer’s provocative, exquisite taste, dressing wine-stained lips in sultry rogue while darkening eyes in the black and white shades of his signature aesthetic. Nails are lacquered in colors inspired by Monte Carlo and Berlin, two of his homes. A selection of Newton’s most iconic photographs adorns the bespoke packaging – his work remains as distinctive and influential as ever.

Quote from M∙A∙C Cosmetics Senior Vice President/Creative Director, James Gager: “I have always greatly admired Helmut Newton’s work – the precision and glamour of his images, as well as the strength and elegance of the women that he photographed. It is an honour to be able to create a makeup collection that captures his provocative vision in a M·A·C way.” 

Quote from Worldwide Agent, the Helmut Newton Estate, Tiggy Maconochie: “M·A·C supports Helmut Newton’s desire to have his photographs seen, celebrated and enjoyed.  He liked to push the boundaries of what is acceptable while remaining chic and dynamic. Like Helmut Newton, M∙A∙C pushes boundaries in beauty, gender and beyond.  Both are simultaneously modern and classic as well as empowering.”  


BESCHIKBAAR 19 november 2016 bij geselecteerde M.A.C verkooppunten en op www.maccosmetics.nl

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